The Persnickety Bride Speaks – Seminar on Wedding/ Event product

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking to brides, couples and their parents with regard to all the products that we create here at The Persnickety Bride with the seminar group Wifey for Life owned by Lauren O’Brien.

It’s actually been a while since I have spoken to a group regarding any of my businesses.  I have to admit I was a bit rusty between trying to present and timing it to the darn projector.  As everyone who knows me knows – I am much better doing a stand up routine  in explaining who we are and what we do then messing with electronics  So the first topic of conversation is my background.  I believe it is important that people know we are not some fly by operation.  That the overall business has been around since 1991.  In layman’s terms, many of my  bridal couples were in diapers when I started my company.   I tease many of my clients that they could be my kids if I actually started having kids that young.  Of course that didn’t happen and that is why I am an AARP mom of tween kids today, but that is a whole other story! My main company DBP & Associates, Inc. started in the book, gift and stationery industry selling and developing product for many major retailers across the US.  I bought for the Waldenbook chain, was the VP of Dove Entertainment in LA and started my business in the national representation and development of books, music, stationery, gifts and toys in 1991.  In 1997 I started Persnickety Promotions our advertising specialty company.  After having several business clients asking me to help their children with their custom wedding products, I enjoyed the process of dealing on a personal level with clients ,  I started The Persnickety Bride in 2007. My first goal in dealing with any client is that they are important.  They matter.  I don’t care how big or small you are – you are deserving of my attention and expertise.  I’m old fashion in the belief that if you do well by others it will come back to you ten fold.  That philosophy has worked very well for me over the years and I am sticking to it.

The above review is our standard – we strive for the best in all that we do. So first and for most  you do want people to tell others how terrific you are as a company!  Be honest, bring the highest level of product to your clients, keep the information clear so that all parties know what they are doing and move through projects on time and on budget.  There is a lot of work that goes on in this office from all our businesses and keeping on track is what we are best at doing.  We use extremely good product sources and vendors to get everything on time.  We are PERSNICKETY in all that we do! So first off as I told everyone at the seminar.  Your vendor has to be tried and true – giving you great service, fabulous quality and at the value  and look you would expect for the project.   Although we work with a number of very high end projects (both corporate and professionally) we do also work with couples trying to make a certain price point on items.  We are always there to make suggestions and do have products available to meet various budgets.

See how much I love to talk with my hands – it is the French/ Italian in me! Here is the initial presentation of our customizing companies The Persnickety Bride and Persnickety Promotions.

Explaining the differences and of paper selection, the overwhelming number of choices now available to couples in terms of digital press, thermography, digital thermography, letterpress, foils, and engraved product, custom laser cuts etc.   The Persnickety Bride does all of the above including electronic and hand created calligraphy.

We went on to explain textured and shimmer paper products, weights of paper, folios what needs there are in paper and other customized product to create a cohesive look.

More touching and feeling of product going on with bride’s to be.

The ultimate in invitations engraved and letterpress invitation combination.

What we do in custom silk boxes and folios for brides that make their wedding the epitome of elegance.

Creating custom venue items that our of outstanding quality keepsake value in all types of designer colors.

I have yet to find a custom project that I don’t love.  These are just some of a few lovely custom glass wear times we have done for couples.  I passed around the middle glass to the seminar participants explaining how we created their custom logo on their stationery as well. We also do a huge number of etched glass products and acrylics.  We have the availability of doing all types of quantity customizing – it’s a one stop shop bonanza! We are currently working on a custom shot glass for one couple and another couple we are looking at custom wine glasses for their wedding.

We talked about jewelry, head pieces and hair pieces all that we carry in our studio.

Lastly we talked about custom food items.  We work with chocolate manufacturers, candy manufacturers and cookie manufacturers to make some of the most exquisite items.  Above is actually a custom mini cake in fondant and chocolate cake we had created with acrylic box and bow. We are currently working on a chocolate favor item as well as heart shaped custom lollipops. All in all it was a great seminar and I thank Lauren for inviting The Persnickety Bride to speak. Photos of the seminar are courtesy of Wife for Life and the photographer for the day.

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