The history of the Bomboniere… better known as the Jordan almond wedding favor.

The Bomboniere of years ago was well know as Jordan Almonds.  They were wrapped in either tulle or satin cloth and collected either as a little bundle on a person’s place setting or in a wine glass or a little crystal bowl or glass. These sugared almonds also known as “dragges” we well known as wedding favor gifts around the world but in particular, places like Italy, Greece and the Middle East they were particularly an expected item at a wedding celebration.


The ” classic five” Jordan Almonds in the above picture

Jordan Almonds wrapped in tulle and tied with the wedding theme colors Good Jordan almonds are covered in a sugar outer shell while the inside is a roasted almond. The importance of putting together the bitter almond with the sugary coating is to represent the bitterness and sweetness of marriage.  There are five almonds that are distributed (and they should always be distributed in uneven numbers so that it shows the indivisible bond of the couple for life) .  The five almonds represent all that a couple should have in a marriage: Health, Happiness, Longevity, Fertility and Wealth. Now see before I got into the wedding business I didn’t think much about the significance of the Jordan almond.  I came from a family of Italian and French and they all made a big deal about having Jordan almonds at weddings.  Only recently have I had couples come in asking me how to incorporate the tradition of Jordan almonds back into their wedding favors.  Don’t get me wrong they want to give something else, but due to heritage, the moms in european families ask my ideas on what to do to bring these sweet/bitter little treats back into the fold.

Just a few ideas on boxes that we have given clients wanting to preserve the tradition of  Jordan almonds as favors I happen to like things shown in great packaging.  I have never been to find of these almonds just sitting in a tulle bag.  With boxes it can be so much more elegant.  We use boxes all the time with chocolate.  So it would seem perfect sense to use with Jordan Almonds as well.

The “mini” champagne glass with almonds Now the mini champagne glass is cute, but I happen to like when it the idea is taken to having a real size champagne glass.  At least the couple can get use out of it later.

The multi color candy bar  The candy tables have been all the rage at weddings and here is a cute kind of country themed Jordan almond “candy bar”  where guests can just take what they would like to try in the various flavors. Now if you have a very sparkly wedding you could always add Jordan almonds that are wrapped in gold or silver foil.  They will make for a great added humph of sparkly color and can really play up your wedding colors.

The Silver Jordans 

The Gold Jordans  The fanciful Jordan almond in silver or gold can make a fabulous showing if you are doing centerpieces in crystal or gold with as accent colors.  As I said they look particularly great in glass and can be packaged in all sorts of creative ways.

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