Letterpress… A love affair with a stationery work of art

I received a request for a consultation from a bride that wanted to meet next week.  Unfortunately, I was completely booked up on the days that she wished to meet me, so instead we met yesterday afternoon. When she entered my offices she told me that she was overwhelmed in making decisions on her wedding stationery.  I do find that many brides to be come in with a look of despair on their faces.  Picking the right stationery for the biggest day in your life is not an easy proposition for many  people. Although this bride really knew what she wanted in her wedding stationery suite.  The first words out of her mouth were “I would like to see letterpress”.   Now just the mere mention of letterpress makes my heart flutter.  I am a paper lover.  I have always loved great stationery, great design but letterpress is just in a class all it’s own.  The feel of 100% cotton paper under your fingers, the texture that is derived from creating letterpress product.  It is a subtle, it is stately it is quality through and through.   Now don’t get me wrong, there are absolutely beautiful suites that we create in thermography, but the texture and feel of letterpress is quite frankly an “island” unto itself.

Vintage Letter press machine

Individual letter and motif fonts used to load into vintage presses Letterpress printing was derived and evolved from the first printing press created by Johann Gutenberg in the 1400’s Over the centuries it evolved into a form of embossed type for social stationery. In the 1990’s letterpress made its resurgence in a big way back into the hearts of wedding and event planning with various named social planners such a Martha Stewart using it to announce lush formal affairs. Over time, letterpress has evolved into a social stationery art form that can be created to achieve any look a whether formal or chic contemporary.

A fine letterpress invitation sets the standard and tone for a wedding.

In this this particular suite, letter press is mixed with a thermopress reception card to give a unique mixed media effect to the suite.

Embossed with a custom designed monogram motif, this suite outsides classic elegance with wonderful texture and design “branding” from the Save the Date to the formal invitation.  For the couple that wants to stand out from the pack.

A classic look of silver ink and gold foil text.  This suite comes with gold liner and additional suite papers of silver, white and gold.

This is an example of one of the hot colors of the season – blush and charcoal on cream. Simply stunning and flows fabulously with many of the beautiful lace gowns trending this year.

Are you that contemporary bride that is looking for the wow factor. You want the stately feel and look but you also want an edgy visually striking invitation suite.  Well we have it in letterpress.  You can be as bold as you care to go.

Now this letterpress is outstanding in a folio piece to hold all the additional paper together.  The design work on the folio and papers are fun, get give a rich feel to what you can already tell will be a visually stunning celebration!

Lastly you can have the elegance whether it be a vineyard or barn wedding.  Motifs make the statement.  Using them wisely in the design scheme can make all the difference in the visuals you incorporate at your wedding venue. Never ever shy away from considering letterpress for your wedding.  It is timeless, a classic art form that your guests will recognize as art and quality.  It sets the tone for your beautiful celebration.

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