Stationery Trends for 2018

Stationery helps set the tone of your wedding and is the first item your guests will see regarding the themes and colors of your special occasion. Because of this, we wanted to share with our readers what popular styles and embellishments we are seeing in stationery this year from some of our current couples and in the industry.


Acrylic invitations and menus have become very popular this wedding season for the modern look they bring to any wedding. Each invitation is cut, and laser engraved with all your information and motif. The acrylic also comes in a variety of different shades, such as black, clear, and frosted. You are able to add a wash of almost any color. For one of our most recent brides, we made a frosted menu with a rose gold wash that turned out stunningly.

We have the ability to do in house acrylic invitations and menus for brides who are looking to add something a little extra to her big day.


Foil embellishments have really caught the eyes of brides who love to add a little extra shine to their invitations. The foil adds a regal touch for a bride who loves a classic look with a modern touch. Foil is wonderful as a decoration on a motif or to highlight your names so no one will forget who the stars of the night are.


A little extra bling here and there never hurt anyone. Sparkles will always be timeless for any bride that loves to twinkle. Sparkles can be added to the invitation, be used as a trim, or can be an envelope liner. It all depends on how much sparkle you want on your stationery.


Modern or Traditional, letterpress is the best of both worlds. Letterpress is one of the oldest way to print words, but it's timeless look and feel bring couples back again year after year. It's very easy to please both the modernist and the traditionalist. It's also a great way to impress a minimalist too.


Lastly, pictures of the location are the hottest addition to the invitations or the envelope liner. It's a great way to show off your beautiful venue to all your guests before they see it on your big day! We've also had brides digitally recreate their location for the background of their invitation. We made a digital watercolor imprint of Tuscany for a bride this year for her stationery. There are tons of ways to show off your venues or location by using pictures that will make you and all your guests eager for you wedding.

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