6 Helpful Tips for Your Bridal Gown Shopping Experience

With our upcoming Lillian West Trunk Sale (March 16th, 17th, and 18th), here are some wonderful tips to make your wedding dress appointment run smoothly for yourself and your consultant.
1. Make an Appointment
This can't be stressed enough, because as consultants we want to use as much time as we can to make sure you find the right dress for your special day. If you come unannounced, we may not be able to fit you into our schedule, particularly on weekends when many brides go shopping. Your appointment may also be rushed to give attention to the brides that did schedule an appointment. To make sure all eyes are on you, schedule an appointment in advance as soon as you are ready to go shopping.

2. Be Mindful of Time
It's important that you come on time and beware of when your appointment is scheduled to end. We may not have time to fit you into every dress in our store so time availability matters. If you try on a dress and you don't think it looks good on you, just say 'next dress'. We won't be offended. In fact, it gives us more time to focus on a dress that you really love.

3. Come with a Budget in Mind
Before you start looking for a dress, decide on your budget. If you come in wanting beads, lace, belts, and more, we will give you what you ask for, but you may end up in a dress way above your budget. If you give us a set budget, we know what dresses to pick out that have elements of your dream dress within your price range.

4. Choose your Entourage Carefully
We know you want to bring all your bridesmaids, mom, siblings, grandmas, and more, but realistically, there are too many people giving opinions. You will be overwhelmed by everyone's thoughts and become discouraged if not everyone loves your favorite gown. You don't want to bring more than 4 people with you. The less you have, the more you get to shine. Also, please do not bring small children. You are there to love your experience and relax.

5. Come Dressed Appropriately
You are going to a bridal shop to try on gowns. Please keep your makeup on the light side. Be mindful of your undergarments, be sure to wear panties, and if you wish, a tummy control garment is great to see yourself without the little pooch you are trying to work off.

6. Trust Your Consultant
We only want what's best for you on your wedding day. Give us a chance to help you find what will look right for you. You might not realize how beautiful a mermaid gown may look on you or maybe a cathedral veil ends up being much bigger than you anticipated. We want to give you a chance to see yourself in a way you never have before. You never know how amazing something can look until you try it on.

Don't forget about our Trunk Sale March 16th, 17th, and 18th. Saturday bookings are all taken. Book now for Friday and Sunday before time runs out!

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