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It has been a few weeks since I have had a chance to post to the blog.  It seems like the summer flew by, and we have been so busy that finding the time to sit down and write a few words has been tough. I’m excited to say that we are going to be doing some rental goods for the bridal market now in terms of linens and fabulous table top sparkle!   It’s a perfect extension to what we already do, and we have had a lot of clients asking for us to handle these categories. This past summer we did do a number of shows.  I do have several businesses so we were out in force at all the shows – as buyers – finding new products to bring to our event clients as well as our promotional clients.  At the same time, we did do a very select few bridal shows.  One was at the Candlewood Inn.  That show is always well received and I have to say it was once again a small mob scene. So first, let’s talk about my buying expo.  Below you will see some fabulous items we picked up to service our clients as table top items.  We certainly do have girls that like a little sparkle at their wedding and these votives and table number holders will certainly work beautifully for those couples looking for an added touch of elegance to a table.

Fabulous silver and crystal votives and table number holders

I know you may not get it – but we have a bride looking for a Snow White themed wedding

I found the big red apple!

We love these laser etched cutting boards – they certainly make

a nice bridal gift – monogrammed.

The blank “flags” are perfect for writing a message and we love the mini cones as favors

We are always on the hunt for good men’s wear gifts – grooms are always looking

for upscale items for their groomsmen and it doesn’t have to be a flask!!

For our Boho Bride (and yes we are seeing some of them ) as well as just

girls wanting something pretty in their hair!  We have these fabulous leafy type bands

that can be worn with or without a veil.  Very trendy – very chic.  I bought a bunch of them!

OK I love the tipsy wine glasses what can I say – I love wine and these just made my day…

they were to cute!  I may just bring them in for giggles!

So once I got over the buying show, it was then on to our selling show at the Candlewood Inn. The Show is put together by Wedding Steps.  They do a couple with the group that owns the Candlewood Inn.  We will also be at the Foxhill Inn show coming up on October 6, 2015.  Check the Wedding Steps site for times and tickets.

Now we love this show.  We do draw a lot of business from the couples that attend the show, so it is one that I am sure that we are well prepared to do.  One of the ways we prepare ourselves is to have all hands on deck.  This year, that included having my kids help out.  Yes they are young, but with clipboard in hand – they were great at meeting and greeting couples and moms.

Momma and her girls getting ready for another great show at The Candlewood Inn

Our resident model boy, Ethan, who when not looking like a music boy – did help out!

All the excitement!  So many people… so little time…

We had times where the table was at least 6 deep trying to look at all our invitations.

Now that we are beginning to see the light of day we will be posting on more of our upcoming additions and finds.  We will be doing all of our own glass engraving as well as all new line of apparel and laser cutting.  I am really excited over the new avenues we will be venturing out in shortly.

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