Pulling your black tie color palette together from paper through decor

One of the first couple of  questions I ask my couple is what type of a venue they are having their wedding, what season, and time of day.   Knowing many of the venues in the area, I already have an idea of the space, it’s color scheme and it’s layout.  In the instance of some places in NYC, MA and Newport (as we have done several weddings in all of those areas) I am a lover of pinterest boards and websites. Many of our clients set up appointments through our website appointment scheduler, http://www.thepersnicketybride.com/appointment.html .  When they send their request, many times it includes information of the venue they are having their wedding and reception.   It gives me a great way to look at the venues and places of worship if the wedding is taking place outside the reception venue. We recently supplied paper and additional accessories for wedding at two mansions in NY and a castle in England.  Reviewing the websites prior to the couples coming in made it so easy for us to work on their needs quickly. A formal affair – creating a look of absolute elegance Who doesn’t love a gorgeous lush formal affair.  I can’t tell you how many times a week I hear the word elegant in a sentence.

Above is an invitation that goes the mile in elegant.  We love the rich gold luster of the paper on black, the fonts are magnificent and regal, the liner is simply spectacular along with having a black back pocket to coordinate all the paper – it is win win for the couple planning an elaborate affair especially if they have need for several pieces of paper.

Something as simple as picking out a wedding stationery suite can lead to what needs you will have in filling your table and room.  Notice the little glistening gold candle votive above making itself the perfect mini orchid vase.   Or the tiny gold table lamp with shade.

Here is another all time favorite Black Tie Winner!!  The folio cream invitation with cream ribbon wrapped in a luxurious black moire fabric folio.  This invitation is not to be missed.  It is elegant and has a tiny pocket in the front fold allowing additional papers to be included as a neat package.  This is perfect for a wedding of elegance where the bride is going for a very neutral palette of ivory flowers perhaps with a pop of color (perhaps a red or gold ) but most is cream, black and the pop color. We have done matching wine glasses and wine bottles with imprinted monogram the above look.  We also have done wine labels for another couple giving bottles of wine to their rehearsal dinner guests.  In this particular suite, we included (not shown a champagne rehearsal card that stood out for those attending the rehearsal dinner.  We have also done other fabulous accessories (mini cakes in clear acrylic boxes seen below) that just complete a wonderful edible favor for your guests.

Darling little chocolate cake with fondant top and flower with pearl.  Acrylic box, Black ribbon and top card complete the look.

Creating the look around the colors of gold, black and a pop of red

Now I love this Modern Trousseau wedding gown so very much I had to add it to this elegant ensemble look of papers and accessories shown above.   I am hoping that we can add this gown to a stylized photography shoot we are doing in April.   Such a sweeping beautifully designed gown.  Their styles are exquisite.  One of my all type favorite bridal designers.  The store that I know carry Modern Trousseau in Connecticut are:  http://www.fontanabridalsalon.com
My next blog will show some fabulous and elegant way to get a rustic feel without going totally burlap  Until then my friends thanks so much for following our blog. If you ever have any questions, feel free to e-mail us  or if wish to order stationery on line simply go to  www.thepersnicketybride.com  and click on http://thepersnicketybride.com/invitations-stationery.html .
We have some products on line.  If you require additional help with regard to all the various imprinted items we have contact us.   You can also visit our sister company, http://www.persnicketypromotions.com
 to find all sorts of imprinted items. We  would like to give credit to Modern Trousseau for the above gorgeous photo of one of their 2015 bridal gown style.

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