Choosing your wedding or event color palette wisely

Color is an extremely powerful element in our everyday lives.  I don’t think that people realize the power color has on our moods and feelings, unless of course they are in the design or photography fields.  Color in a very subtle way affects what we do with our purchasing dollars in everything from purchasing clothing,  bath towels to pots and pans.  Product manufacturers look all the time to determine color palettes that best suit the products they will be launching based on season and trends in the market.

Good design is incredibly important as well, but color and color matching in creating a cohesive design and feel is by far one of the most important elements of creating and setting the tone of your wedding or event. The biggest take away from all the interior design classes I had taken back at SUNY Purchase, is that color and texture make the world go round.  It is probably why I feel  badly for those individuals that suffer from color blindness.   They are missing so much with the nuances of shades and textures of color.  My son is mildly color blind, and it never ceases to amaze me on how difficult it is for him to see variations in color. For instance the painting below of a field of lavender for me brings about feeling of the bright sun, a beautiful summer day and a fragrant field of lavender flowers. The richness of the colors, tone, and texture within the painting are lovely and muted variation of color gives a sweeping calm feeling to the painting for me.  Although red is a  normally a very bold color, in this painting it adds a richness and different texture to the painting breaking up your view to create a warm focal point.

In determining what colors to use in your wedding or event, you need to look to your venue selection to be sure that the overall look of the venue will follow suit with the color scheme that you wish to select. Look at the carpeting, the interior design of the space.  Will it need enhancement in lighting?  Does it it have neutral tones or a grandeur that fits your celebration?  Get to know and familiar yourself with tried and true color schemes that work well together and present a cohesive color palette. Every year color palettes are created for the wedding industry based on what is going to be popping in the fashion world.  I have included a top 10 wedding color schemes below as a guide for our newly minted couples to be. Trends in colors in weddings do stick pretty darn closely to what is hot in clothing and home color trends.  Although “themes” such as burlap, chalkboard, vintage have  their own tones of colors brought about by the merchandise that can be found within those themes.  Believe me sometimes I need a theme chart just to keep up with all that is available in various themes never mind the spectrum of colors within them.

In my next blog post,  I will be showing some of the beautiful color schemes we have recently done in paper and accessories (since not everyone is on our Facebook page) and we have incorporated some of the products we carry in our showroom as well. As always feel free to comment on our blog (it’s nice to hear from our clients that you are following the blog – those little e-mails that I get make my day) and feel free to like our Facebook and twitter for more information regarding The Persnickety Bride.  Our twitter handle is @thepersnicketyb

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