A message to all my friends and clients…

We are all in town trying to cope with the loss of so many of our beautiful children and loving caring staff at Sandy Hook Elementary. We have had this business in town for 10 years and worked with Sandy Hook on all of their spiritwear needs. We loved everyone there and I personally am as a parent grateful that my second grader was spared. So many families were not as fortunate and for this I ask you to continue praying for all of them and the angels we now have in Heaven.

For those of you in the community, know that my firms – Persnickety Promotions and here at The Persnickety Bride – will be working a percentage proceed to the appropriate fund that leaves all money here in town to help our community. We will of course work with any fundraising done specifically for our town on a cost-only basis so that we can maximize money to the need of our community.

We have been in close touch with the PTA and once something is announced of what they are coordinating I will pass all information along to all of you that have asked to help the school. They are working on it and the best thing we can do right now is wait until they have a coordinated effort.

It is very, very tough right now and so many people want to help, I can truthfully tell you it is lovely but overwhelming for this community. We have to do this in an organized fashion. We also don’t want donations meant for victims to go to unscrupulous people. Please if you want to donate to the school wait until something formulated is announced. Also stay in touch with the Newtown Patch and The Newtown Bee to see what actual funds are being set up in town that are appropriate funds to contribute to. Please continue your emotional support to all of us. We need it, we appreciate it and we know all the love you are sending. Thank you so much.

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