A Brand New Year – A Brand New Flurry of Brides!!

Well here we are in a brand new month of the brand new year of 2013!! Along with the new year comes a new group of engaged couples that have just jumped into the realm of wedding preparation.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be the most daunting task in your life.  There are a couple rules of “engagement” if you will in the fine art of preparing for your wedding day. The first rule is do not run out and buy a single bridal magazine. Allow yourself at least a full two weeks to simply be engaged. Breath… get excited… but don’t you dare buy a magazine. You have plenty of time to get overwhelmed (and trust me you will be overwhelmed) – so relax smile and enjoy all the lovely compliments you will get over your ring and your groom to be.

The second rule is to take your hubby to be and sit him down. Look into his eyes and ask him (and yourself) what you want your wedding to be. It’s your day, it is all about you two and sharing that with the ones you love. Write down what you would like to have on your wedding day. Is it a particular venue, or maybe a few venues, write them down. Is it a theme, perhaps something you both share. A type of ceremony. Pies for desert instead of cake or cupcakes. You can of course write down a budget but do it in the form of a marker so that you can gauge where you would like to be on the entire wedding. This can of course be fined tuned if parents are helping out or other family members.

In these first two weeks of engagement bliss, enjoy each other – collect information or go see the venues and ceremony venues (if they are separate) so you can get an overview of what is available for the time you would like to get married. Also if you are interested in doing an engagement photo – go get one done. That way your family can proudly send it to the papers to announce your upcoming nuptials. You may get lucky enough to be so pleased with your engagement photographer that he or she can do your wedding as well. Once that’s done go down to your local pharmacy and get all the bridal mags your little heart desires.

Let’s face facts you are just dying to see all the gorgeous gowns and ideas.

Just remember once you open those covers ….. there is no turning back…

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