Valentine’s Day: Creating the Perfect Proposal

Women dream of their wedding day since childhood, but as your relationship grows stronger, her mind becomes filled with an unforgettable proposal she can tell her friends and family for years to come. Men are now burdened with how to make the proposal personalized and unique. So, when is the time to drop the question?

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to proposal to your loved one. It’s the most romantic holiday of the year and nothing says, “I love you” more than declaring your love to her by asking her to marry you.

How do you know Valentine’s Day is the right day for you?

First question to ask yourself before even planning on your proposal is: Does your girlfriend want to marry you? If you don’t know a definitive answer, don’t do it. If you need to, talk about your future together first, and then wait until they time is right for both of you to move forward.

If you already know she will say yes in a heartbeat, begin by planning your location. This is a magical moment for her. You need to make sure all of her senses are being stimulated. Make sure you are located somewhere beautiful- the sunset in the background, a waterfall streaming, brightly colored flowers surrounding the area. Her eyes must be filled with beauty. Everything she sees, she will remember. Make sure the sounds are pleasant, no honking horns, but romantic music or the sounds of nature. Make sure she smells the lovely flowers, or the delicacies of a fancy restaurant. Taste is just as important, have something delicious for her, some wine, or good food, or chocolates. Finally and most importantly, don’t forget the sense of touch. Hold her hand, make sure she feels loved and never let go until the kneeling moment.



The Moment

When it’s time to pop the question, unless she has specifically said otherwise, traditional is the way to go. Every girl imagines her man kneeling in front of her to ask The Question. No matter how nervous you may be, have something prepared to say to her and make it from the heart. Let her know how much she means to you, before pulling out the ring. Do not stand up until she has said ‘yes’. When she does, give her the biggest hug and deepest kiss so she knows you meant every word and action. Never let her forget the feeling of this moment.


How to Personalize Your Proposal

Remember this moment is for her, but it’s also for you. Keep each other’s interests in mind. If you have a similar interest, have your proposal focus around that theme. For two actors, you can see a play and then at the end, have the hotel room prepared with dim lights, Champaign, and rose petals. If you need to combine two interests like biking and horses, plan an activity to bike to a nearby horse farm or go for a carriage ride. There is so much you can do for her; you don’t need to default to the clichés.



Understand Her Personality

If she loves her family, plan a small gathering specifically inviting them to share the moment. If she is more of an introvert, go somewhere the two of you can be alone, where no one can overwhelm her when the question has been asked.

This moment is the moment she will remember the rest of her life and she will tell over and over again to anyone who sees the ring. Make sure she remembers every second and all details. The tiny things really make a difference.


Never Let Her Forget

Caught on tape is so easy now with iPhones and smartphones that people keep in their pockets to capture the moment. But this moment is too important to be caught on a little video screen no matter how good the quality is.

For those planning a more private proposal like in the woods, hire a local videographer to hide and tape the proposal. You can do this with any location if just the two of you are present for the question.

For those surrounded by family and friends, you’ll get millions of pictures and videos from those present and at different angles, but have photographer take pictures of you and your loved ones, and get even more priceless and professional photos that will last a lifetime.


Plan your engagement for this Valentine’s Day to make one of the most magical moments of her life unforgettable.

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