The Ooo’s, Ahh’s, and Ohh’s of Spectacular Wedding Stationery Suites!

As April begins to close, we are showering you with some of our newest work from The Persnickety Bride and gearing up for the final summer months of the bridal season.


Even when starting at the same point, we see where 2-three layer invitations can look SO different. While both brides loved the shimmer paper bottom, black middle, and cream top, customization was the ultimate key to create the unique visions for each of them. The first uses a champagne bottom layer with a more dominant script font to catch the eye. The couple decided to go with their names being at the top to give draw attention where it is due. And why not? It is their special day! The second uses a gold paper and gorgeous black bow to separate the names and information in a seamless fashion. They also decided to go with a tighter gold bottom layer for a sleeker look. Both combinations present an overall sense of elegance and high class.


Forever Engraved

This new piece has got us going GA-GA! This invitation represents why often times the TOUCH and FEEL of paper is so important. The engraving for this invitation requires additional work, which is why we are so blown away. Actual metal plates are created solely for each piece of stationery and then stamped into the paper to give it a RISE. The gold ink has a beautiful contrast against the white board with gold edging on the invite. In addition, the blush band adds to the soft and delicate nature of the whole package but packs a pleasing punch to the guests. We’re still swooning over it!


Silver Linings

Our final piece for today is another showstopper. Our brides seem to love the back pocket as a fashionable yet functional way of putting all their stationery together as one. The bride went with a shimmer blue “BLISS” as the bottom layer with a white top. Our photo may not do the best justice but what takes the cake with this invitation is the embossed lettering at the top “the wedding of”. These details along with the wave lines below the text give the paper a relaxed air to it. The RSVP card and reception card completed the package with the same silver thermography. Keep up with what is happening here at The Persnickety Bride by joining our blog or staying on top of Us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Until next time! xx

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