Setting the tone for your wedding

So you and your fiancé have now gotten engaged, are in the process of locating a ceremony location and perhaps a venue.

You both know your personalities and what you like and dislike.  At least you thought you did until you started wedding planning.

Now some of you may absolutely be on the same page with regard to what your big day is going to be like, then some of you will need to learn  marital compromise just a little earlier.

We have seen so many couples that come to The Persnickety Bride  in Sandy Hook, in  Fairfield County Connecticut that we usually can see very quickly what attracted our couples to each other.  Many of them do have the same vision  for their wedding.  Then you do have some couples that do need to bend their vision to accommodate for perhaps a need to have a cigar bar at the wedding or a photo booth.  Couples today have tremendous choices of what they want to incorporate into their wedding theme. There is so much it can become overwhelming. I believe some of the best ways to get your thoughts down is by looking at different items on pinterest boards.  The visuals are wonderful and you can basically create your own wedding story board through pinterest to work from in your wedding planning.  We love adding to our pinterest board by wedding themes (when we get a free moment of course) currently we have 24 boards that you can see on .clients.

As a design team we love to see the colors and fabrics our brides bring into us to help complete their wedding stationery suite, their custom favors, gifts and tabletop.   We love color and texture especially in our stationery papers.  It’s always interesting to switch up styles throughout the day based on the likes of each of our clients.

So just remember in setting the tone, pull the pieces together as a visual collage that you use to guide your decisions.  In thinking about tone I located a couple wedding settings that I thought were just lovely.  You can see the color, the texture and theme in each one of the venue elements.  Enjoy!

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