Picture perfect – it is all in the details…

We have been so fortunate to be involved in some incredibly beautiful wedding celebrations.  All different types of weddings from platinum luxury manhattan weddings , elaborate Indian weddings with multi day activities, to barn and beach barbecue weddings. We have literally worked hand in hand in creating beautiful stationery and custom items for all of them.   Each are all very different and very special.   They  have the individualized stamp of each couple and their family embedded into the rich fabric of the day.  The message of love and devotion is the same – but the hues, colors and themes are always so unique. Below, are two wedding in which The Persnickety Bride received blog features.  One wedding in the on line blog  Carats and Cakes and the other in  Borrowed and Blue. Enjoy looking over these beautiful celebrations.  They may even give you some great wedding inspirations! http://caratsandcake.com/danielleandanthony http://www.borrowedandblue.com/greenwich/weddings/elizabeth-nathaniel

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