Merv’s Joyous 80th Birthday Bash – at the Stonehenge Inn, Ridgefield, CT

The moment Merv and Sherry B. walked into my office, I knew I was going to enjoy my time creating the perfect 80th birthday invitations and favors for them.  Merv is just a fun gentleman to be around.  He is charming and has a terrific sense of humor.    His wife Sherry is elegant and sweet.  She knew she wanted to throw him a great birthday bash.  He kept on poo pooing that she was making such a fuss.  You could see that they just enjoyed bantering back and forth with each other…  He would tease her and she would look the other way and continue on with the dialog of putting his special day together.

The lovely couple – “80 Years Young” Merv and his beautiful bride Sherry Sherry chose a wonderful acrylic invitation.  I was excited to do a different type of invitation.  There are so many new products that you can use to fabricate invitations from these days, we have acrylic, board, metal, even leather.  It’s fun when people get creative with their printed materials.


The white and wine looked beautiful together and it was a masculine interesting invitation for a pretty cool guy!  It was placed in a cream colored envelope with a matching wine colored liner. We also recreated the impressive initial on the back of the envelope flap to match the invitation. We did do electronic calligraphy that way  that way Sherry wouldn’t have to fuss with writing anything out and they  would be all ready to mail. Once we finished with the invitations, Sherry wanted something special to give to her guests as a memento of the evening.  I put on my thinking cap and knowing that I wanted them to have a  favor that their guests would keep and remember that evening.  I have a great company that does beautiful leather items and I just loved their measuring tapes. Sherry came up with “Merv measuring time” We suggested a couple fonts and the font Sherry chose certainly reminds us of Merv’s fun personality!

Each measuring tape was packaged in a gift box and made for a nice little take away for the evening.

The birthday boy and his absolutely precious grand daughter. Merv and Sherry had his 80th at the lovely Stonehenge Inn and Restaurant in Ridgefield, CT


Venue: Stonehenge Inn and Restaurant, Ridgefield, CT Family Pictures: Courtesy of Merv and Sherry B Acrylic Invitation and Leather Measuring Tape Favor, The Persnickety Bride, Sandy Hook, CT

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