Boxes, Bows and Baubles

I for one have become a huge fan of the program Revenge on ABC. It depicts a glamorous but yet twisted lifestyle of the well-heeled Hamptons society. Like shows gone by in the 80’s (think Dynasty – which you may have to look up in Wikipedia if you were born in the 80’s)… the boxed invitation is back in a very very big way.

c One of the coveted “Fire and Ice Ball” invitations from Revenge. Gorgeous moire and velvet boxes, fabric lined boxes, boxes of all shapes and sizes. We also have fabric “wallets” to hold your invitations some set with jewels others with a simple bow to open. There are countless ways to create a box and all different types of price points. Depending on the fabric you can fit a box and mailer into your budget. You just need to know where to add the drama to get the biggest impact.

Jack from Revenge just received an invitation from the Graysons.

Bookfold Padded Box Here at The Persnickety Bride we love to design invitation boxes or any gift box for your favor or invitation needs. They are a especially nice idea for those looking for a small amount of invitations but want something dramatic to present. I have put on this page a couple fabulous representations of what we can create for our clients. As I said the idea of personalization is key to achieve your style for your special day or event!

Gatefold Padded Box

The gorgeous detailing on this box and invitation make for a classy invite to your special day!

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